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I have been taking photos since 1975 when my father gave me a Yashica Range Finder and now have an array of Nikon Cameras and Lenses.

I learnt about just taking photos and working the composition and have been taking photos ever since, buying a couple of SLR's in the early 80's. Both Nikons, the FE2 and the F301, both groundbreaking at the time and true classic cameras.

In the early 80s I studied photography and was taught by Ian Millen who was a Photo Journalist for the SMH in the 60s and 70s who taught how to use an SLR, develop photos all using film.

When photography went digital in the mid 90's, my photography lay dormant. I started up again when I bought an Olympus 5060, then later a 7070. These cameras were not SLR's but compacts with a Manual Override. Eventually the lure of the SLR took over and now I have 3.. A Nikon D80 and 2 x Nikon D300s'

The Jouirney so far has been ultra fantastic.. I have travelled the world and taken photos Topside and Underwater, hopefully telling a few stories and inspiring people to do more positive things.

In my last journey to New Zealand, my Journey into Photography and Knowledge got braoder.

Despite not knowing any better, I have taken the film process of thinking, lets call it analogue thinking into the use of digital SLR and the Post Processing..

I have learnt now... That this thinking is dated, very dated and I should be thinking digitally..

I have learnt to use a Digital SLR and have realised how powerful it can be a creative tool and getting the message across...

Even though Photoshop will always have a place in the Post Session Processing, and despite the fact I will be doing a course to learn how to Use Photoshop More...

So enough of about me... On this Website I hope to give you some hints and tips and you will references to my Photography courses, both for Top Side and Underwater.

So Enjoy the Web Site... Dont be afraid to say hello if you recognise me in the world..

Yours in Pictures.

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