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Here is the serious part of the site........

So we all know where we stand...

All the material, that is, compositions, music, images and used on this Web Site is copyrighted and owned by Theo Starr aka Almity1.

Authorisation and permissions for using the material on the site are frequently granted and rarely refused, it is just that there is a need to ratified for their intended use and association.

This is the same with linking to the Web Site, permissions and authorisation will be granted and rarely refused, and again there needs to be a ratification of the linking Web Site in terms of Subject and Content.

Put it this way....

Anyone who wants to download an image for a wallpaper, a screensaver or any diving related display or publication in terms of education or personal use, they can go ahead, as long as they do not profit in any way.

Anyone who appreciate the compositions on the site and wants to download a composition for their personal use, that should not prove a problem. But on the techncal side there may be a problem as the site is built to reduce the ability to download.

Linking to my Web Site is appreciated, and very humbling especially when the other Web Site deals with diving and any diving related subject, and by all means, go ahead and feel free.

In all the above cases, send me an email to let me know what you are doing and to say hello just the same.

Having said that....

If you are a commercial operation, thats a different story, some form of licensing deal need to be arranged, this can be as simple as agreeing to the details over an email OR going all the way with lawyers, it doesn't worry me as long as things are fair and resonable.

If you want to use an image for a profit based project, we can come to some arrangement, which will and can involve licensing fees and royalties with a right of use.

If you would like a composition, we can come to some arrangement, I haven't got the overheads that other artists have or not binded by any contract, so I can afford to give away my compositions for free, just like the internet intended, as long as there isn't a profit or somone will profit in any way.

So if you would like to use an image and a composition or want discuss use of the composition for soundtracks, covering and/or licensing to use, I can be contacted at or

What is not appreciated.....

  1. The compositions and images on the site being used for profit without permission
  2. The compositions and images being modified without permission for use elsewhere
  3. The stealing or copying of compositions and images
  4. Links from gambling and pornographic in general

Thank You

Theo Starr


© Theo Starr 2012